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When we wok, Canada works

Posted Under: Tany Yao

Money that built roads, schools and hospitals, paid the salaries of doctors, nurses and teachers and funded programs and services supporting the vulnerable.

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When we work, Canada works

Posted Under: Rick Wilson

Canadian energy is produced under some of the world’s highest environmental and human rights standards.

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Alberta’s Economic Recovery

Alberta’s economic recovery will be accelerated with today’s announcement by Rebecca Schulz that expands access high-quality, affordable child care, especially for single parents and women.

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Bill 28

Posted Under: Peter Singh

We must do everything we can to protect children and vulnerable Albertans.

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Affordable Child Care

Posted Under: Nicholas Miliken

Access to safe and affordable child care is an important for working parents across this province.

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Another segment of Did you Know?

Posted Under: Nathan Cooper

Here’s another segment of Did you Know? Olds Didsbury Threehills. Today I’m encouraging you to explore the Bergen Rocks exhibit in Olds.

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QP – Invest Alberta

The Invest Alberta Corporation will aggressively target new investments across the world that will create jobs right here in Alberta

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