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Bill 32

Posted Under: Peter Guthrie

If the Opposition truly cared about workers rights, as they regularly claim to, then they should support a worker’s right to choose how their union dues are spent.

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Motion 506

Posted Under: Mike Ellis

I was honoured have my Private Member’s Motion 506 Passed in in the house earlier this week.

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Site Rehabilitation Program

Posted Under: Sonya Savage

To date we have allocated $64.6 million in grant funding to 140 Alberta based companies as part of the Site Rehabilitation Program.

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Question Period: July 7th, 2020

Posted Under: David Hanson

The NDP are opposed to reducing wait times for surgery, after 4 years under their governance, wait times increased. Albertans want access to healthcare not access to waiting lists.

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Great News!

Posted Under: Richard Gotfried

As all of us are aware, Covid-19 drastically changed our world, but also many of our anxiously anticipated Calgary Summer traditions.

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Finally some justice.

Posted Under: Devin Dreeshen

Two radical Extinction Rebellion Canada activists plead guilty yesterday. Two others return to Fort MacLeod Provincial Court on July 10 and August 21.

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