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Defending Critical Infrastructure

Posted Under: Nate Horner

We have all been witness to the targeted attack of “so-called protestors”, in regards to the major pipeline projects across this country.

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Today is My 36th Anniversary

Posted Under: Adriana LaGrange

Today is my 36th anniversary, and until just minutes ago I thought it would be the first anniversary Darren and I spent apart.

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Your Second Look

Posted Under: Dale Nally

I had a chance to stop by for a visit with Deila at Your Second Look in Gibbons.

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Importance Of Financial Literacy

Posted Under: Matt Jones

‪I met with Minister Adriana LaGrange on multiple occasions to discuss the importance of financial literacy and to advocate for these programs for our students. Thank you for this important investment in our children.‬

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Ready for Question Period Today!

Posted Under: Grant Hunter

Happy to sport this Calgary Flames jersey in light of the announcement that Edmonton will host the Western conference finals & The Stanley Cup final.

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MP/MLA/City Councillor Round Table

Posted Under: Mike Ellis

I was happy to participate in the MP/MLA/City Councillor Round Table this morning discussing issues of mutual importance to our City. Thank you Councillors Joe Magliocca and Sean Chu for hosting!

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