NEWS RELEASE: Notley must answer critical questions following Dang’s guilty plea

EDMONTON, AB: With Edmonton-South MLA Thomas Dang finally accepting his guilt in the NDP vaccine hacking scandal, the time is now for NDP Leader Rachel Notley to come clean about her role in the ordeal, former police officer and Chief Government Whip Brad Rutherford said today.

Dang pleaded guilty today to running millions of illegal searches using the personal information of a conservative political opponent, but important questions remain about the role Notley and her senior staff played in Dang’s effort to obtain the private health records of Albertans.

In September of 2022, Provincial Court Judge Shelagh Creagh unsealed damning court records that showed Notley’s office knew Dang conducted a shocking 1.78 million illegal health record searches in September of 2021. Before that, Notley denied knowing anything about Dang’s hacking activities until his home was raided by RCMP in December of 2021. She even appointed him as her “democracy and ethics critic” in October of 2021.

“Dang’s disgraceful conduct will be remembered for a very long time, and I am glad he has finally accepted responsibility for his unethical and illegal behaviour,” Rutherford said. “But the evidence continues to show that Notley and her senior staff were involved in this scandal, and we still have no answers on that front. In September, the United Conservative caucus released a list of five critical questions that must be answered by Notley. We need those answers now.”

You can find a timeline of events here and the court documents here.

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