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CEGEN Environmental Group

Posted Under: RJ Sigurdson

Of all the events I go to as an MLA, there are few that have the energy and excitement of the opening of a new business.

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An Excellent Piece by David Staples

Posted Under: Rebecca Schulz

An excellent piece by David Staples. As I’ve said in so many discussions these last couple months- whatever you’re feeling is ok.

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Canada’s Hundred Days

Posted Under: Brad Rutherford

Today, we commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the beginning of Canada’s Hundred Days.

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Weekly Update

As families in our community prepare for back-to-school, additional health measures are being put in place to ensure that students can return safely to the classroom.

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MLA Update August 7, 2020

Posted Under: Jason Copping

Our Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, announced that we are seeing a resurgence in cases, especially in the Calgary zone.

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Curriculum Advisory Panel

Posted Under: Dan Williams

Minister LaGrange and members of the Curriculum Advisory Panel released the new Ministerial Order on Student Learning.

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