United Conservatives mark one year since the 2023 election

(EDMONTON, AB): United Conservatives have made Alberta safer, stronger, and freer since the 2023 Alberta election, Chief Government Whip Shane Getson said today.

Since the election, under the leadership of Premier Danielle Smith, United Conservatives have helped create nearly 100,000 jobs, attracted billions in investment, funded new law enforcement positions, balanced the budget for the third consecutive year, paid down the debt, upgraded Alberta’s credit rating, and increased the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund to a record high $22.1 billion – all while investing in 98 school infrastructure projects and refocusing the health care system around patients and front-line workers.

“We value the trust Albertans have placed in us, and we are working tirelessly to ensure this next chapter in Alberta’s story is the best one yet,” Getson said. “On the foundation of our new fiscal framework, Alberta’s economy is growing and diversifying, and everyday people are feeling the benefits with the highest weekly earnings on average in the nation. While we accomplished a lot for Albertans over the past year, we must continue moving Alberta forward so our province remains safe, strong, and free for generations to come.”

Since the election, United Conservatives have also seen two successful court challenges against federal overreach including the Impact Assessment Act at the Supreme Court and the single use plastics ban at the Federal Court. In addition, they have continued to challenge a litany of other unaffordable and irresponsible federal policies such as the carbon tax, the energy production cap, the gas car ban, and more. United Conservatives also invoked the Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act for the first time ever in opposition to the federal government’s reckless 2035 net zero regulations.

“We have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to the federal government’s imposition on our provincial rights, and we have held strong to that,” Getson said. “While we will always work with the federal government when it comes to actions that can make life better for Albertans, we have shown this past year that we will not hesitate to use every legal tool in our toolbox to protect the rights of our people and province.”

While the NDP continue to rely on fear, smear and division, United Conservatives are committed to moving Alberta forward with a strong policy agenda that includes standing up for families and communities.

“United Conservatives are focused on delivering results for hardworking Albertans, and polls show Alberta families and businesses support the work we’re doing,” Getson said. “Alberta has come a long way since the dark days of the NDP when we faced a jobs crisis, repeated credit downgrades, an exodus of people for an unprecedented 13 consecutive quarters, and more. Today, we are on a much better path, one that will keep us safe, strong, and free.”

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