TURTON: Plan to restart Alberta over three stages

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The last few months have been hard for Albertans from all walks of life. Whether it be isolation, a change of routine or job loss, we have all felt the effects of COVID-19.

On Thursday, April 30, our government announced our plan to restart Alberta. Taking place over three stages, with the first slated for May 14, we have presented a safety-focused plan that allows us to gradually reopen businesses, services, and recreational opportunities.

This is only possible because of the adherence to public health guidelines that Albertans have modelled, which has succeeded in containing the outbreak to well below the capacity of our healthcare system.

Our relaunch strategy allows us to utilize all of the strongest elements of our pandemic response, whether it be our nation-leading testing capacity, our robust contact tracing system, or new rules and guidance for the use of masks in public places.

This relaunch strategy has been designed to react to outbreaks and maintain resources in our healthcare system that are necessary to meet any future threats. In every phase, there will be an evaluation period to determine if we need to adjust restrictions. We are willing to reimpose restrictions provincially or on a local basis, should it be necessary to manage outbreaks.

Our relaunch strategy includes a list of “triggers” that will inform future restrictions, should they be necessary. This list of triggers includes hospitalizations and intensive care unit occupancy. Once our government, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, is satisfied that the necessary health measures and safeguards are in place we will move forward to the first stage of our relaunch strategy.

This first stage, which we hope to reach on May 14, includes the reopening of retail businesses, personal services such as hair styling and barber shops, museums, art galleries, daycares and restaurants under reduced capacity. These businesses and organizations must adhere to strict health guidelines but we hope this will give Albertans some sense of normalcy. With care and common sense that has defined our response to COVID-19, we will be able to restart our province.

Alberta has a world-class health care system full of professionals who are working hard to keep us safe from COVID-19. By remaining committed to our civic responsibilities, we will continue to flatten the curve and beat the virus. I want to thank all Albertans for their commitment and dedication to keeping everyone safe.

Please continue to contact me and my office if you need help or more information.

Phone 780-962-6606 or email SpruceGrove.StonyPlain@assembly.ab.ca.

MLA Searle Turton

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