(EDMONTON, AB): Alberta’s committee to examine “safe supply” has invited a tremendous group of addictions and recovery experts who have incomparable experience in drug policy to present to committee members later this month.

The stakeholder list includes the renowned Stanford Professor Dr. Keith Humphreys, who served in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy under Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama; Medical Lead of the Alberta Health Services Virtual Opioid Dependency Program Dr. Nathaniel Day; and, Harvard Medical Professor Dr. Bertha K. Madras.

You can see the full list of esteemed experts and their biographies here.

“We are thankful to this group of Canadian and American experts for lending their expertise and sharing their diverse experiences to help support our committee and the wellbeing of our province,” committee spokesperson and Calgary-Cross MLA Mickey Amery said. “We have to get this right for Albertans and this diverse group of world-renowned experts will help us do just that.”

The Select Special Committee to Examine Safe Supply has a mandate to examine the consequences or benefits of a proposed “safe supply” and whether the policy can realistically work to reduce overdoses and deaths. It is also tasked with examining the historical evidence regarding the over-prescribing of opioids.

“We will follow the evidence and use the information provided by North America’s leading experts, not the radicals or the activists,” Amery said. “These experts will help ensure we get the policy right in Alberta, so we don’t repeat any of the mistakes of the past.”

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