NEWS RELEASE: Notley continues bad habit of selling out Albertans to Trudeau

(Edmonton, AB): Rachel Notley’s NDP is back to its old ways of selling out Albertans to Justin Trudeau. On Tuesday, the opposition voted against two common-sense motions that support a fair deal for Alberta and assert Alberta’s democratic and economic interests on the national stage.

The Legislature sought unanimous consent for one motion asking Trudeau to delay filling two vacant Senate seats until Albertans have had their democratic say in Senate candidate elections, and another asking whether Albertans should get to have their say on Canada’s broken Equalization system in a referendum vote.

Notley’s NDP voted against both motions, continuing its habit of doing Trudeau’s work for him in Alberta.

“We are all fortunate that Rachel Notley is no longer able to just pencil whip regulations or laws to do Justin Trudeau’s bidding from the premier’s office, but it’s downright disappointing that she and her colleagues continue to oppose good legislation and ideas,” Lac St. Anne-Parkland MLA Shane Getson said. “In that grand old building we are all supposed to represent the best interests of Albertans. Opposing everything just for the sake of it is not how a loyal opposition is supposed to work. These motions were a prime opportunity for us to stand together, defend Alberta and put our foot down against mistreatment from the Trudeau Liberals in Ottawa, but at the end of the day, we’re dealing with the same old NDP.”

Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche MLA Laila Goodridge said the NDP’s actions in the Legislature last night go against the clear will of Albertans.

“Like the majority of Albertans, I firmly believe in a Senate that is elected, effective and equal. This is one of the reasons I got involved in politics in the first place,” Goodridge said. “The Notley NDP’s opposition to giving Albertans a say on who represents them in the Senate and the broken Equalization system is truly bizarre. Everyday Albertans deserve to have their say on these issues, and we’re going to give it to them, whether the NDP likes it or not.”

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