NEWS RELEASE: United Conservatives celebrate balanced budget, Notley NDP vote against it

EDMONTON, AB: Today, United Conservative MLAs celebrated, after passing Alberta’s first balanced budget in nearly a decade. The Notley NDP, meanwhile, voted against it.

After establishing a new set of fiscal anchors, restoring a healthy investment climate, and posting an estimated $511 million surplus – United Conservatives officially passed Alberta’s landmark balanced budget this afternoon in the Alberta Legislature. The budget sets Alberta on a path to a prosperous and diversified future, while maintaining fiscal discipline and responsible spending.

“Today is a great day for our province. United Conservative MLAs were sent to Edmonton, in part, to deliver a balanced budget for Albertans. Today, we can say we accomplished that mission for families, businesses, and future generations,” Calgary-Klein MLA Jeremy Nixon said. “This is a night and day difference from the NDP, who would have posted a $6 billion deficit this year, even with today’s projected high commodity prices. We’re sticking to our new fiscal anchors and maintaining our fiscal responsibility. That’s what common sense conservative governance is all about.”

The Notley NDP failed in a campaign to convince United Conservative MLAs to vote against the balanced budget. Less than ten NDP MLAs even bothered showing up to vote.

“Albertans are looking forward to our province’s bright economic future,” Nixon said. “United Conservatives, along with millions of hardworking Albertans, have turned Alberta’s economic fortunes around, after the NDP nearly drove them off a cliff. Alberta is back, and this budget is a symbol of our province’s hard work and sacrifice.”

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