NEWS RELEASE: Rachel Notley should break rank with her federal bosses, stand-up for Alberta

(EDMONTON, AB): Today, United Conservative Caucus Chair and Chief Government Whip Brad Rutherford is asking Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley to break rank with her federal bosses, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh, and join the United Conservative Caucus in opposing a 30 per cent carbon tax hike, which will make everything more expensive for Albertans and Canadians in the middle of an inflation crisis.

The Trudeau Liberals are increasing the price of everything from food to fuel, with the parliamentary support of Singh’s NDP, and the Notley NDP is constitutionally-linked to their federal counterparts. Rutherford said if Notley actually supports Alberta families, the time is now to break rank with her federal bosses. Otherwise, she should explain to Albertans why they should pay more for life’s essentials.

“Rachel Notley says she’s her own politician. Here’s her chance to prove it,” Rutherford said. “The vast majority of Albertans want to scrap the carbon tax. Our caucus stands with Albertans against the carbon tax, and we invite Ms. Notley to join us. This is an opportunity for Alberta’s entire legislature to show a united front against a hostile federal policy that Albertans do not support.”

Rutherford said that despite the carbon tax increase taking effect, United Conservative MLAs have passed several affordability measures that are helping Albertans pay their bills and make ends meet.

“United Conservatives are putting the right policies in place, and getting the right results,” Rutherford said. “Our Affordability Action Plan is working to the point Alberta is experiencing the lowest inflation rate in the country. While Ottawa continues to make life more expensive, we’ll continue growing and diversifying the economy, and making life more affordable for everyday Albertans.”

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