(EDMONTON, AB) Today, Brooks-Medicine Hat United Conservative MLA Michaela Frey criticized the Notley NDP for being silent on and refusing to condemn Justin Trudeau’s poorly-thought-out vaccine requirement for truckers.

Frey has been fiercely critical of the vaccine requirement for truckers, joining countless Albertans, including Premier Jason Kenney, in calling for a pause to the policy. She said Alberta could be heard loud and clear in Ottawa if the Notley NDP joined the United Conservative call and presented a united front to Trudeau.

“This policy is going to have a devastating effect on our supply chain, increasing prices, emptying store shelves, and depriving Albertans of the food and products they need,” Frey said. “The Notley NDP’s total silence on Trudeau’s disastrous policy shows the Trudeau-Notley alliance is alive and strong.”

Frey said she and her United Conservatives colleagues will continue to press the federal government to change course on the policy that unfairly picks on an industry that is crucial to Alberta and Canada’s economic recovery.

“The Trudeau Liberals need to admit that they got this wrong and change course for the sake of all Canadians,” Frey said. “I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Notley NDP to join our call for action, but this is how the majority of Albertans feel.”

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