NEWS RELEASE: Notley must come clean on vax-hack dates

(EDMONTON, AB): Today, Leduc-Beaumont MLA and former police officer Brad Rutherford is demanding NDP Leader Rachel Notley come clean on when she knew Edmonton-South MLA Thomas Dang hacked Alberta’s vaccine records system and how that information was ultimately used.

Many questions remain about Notley’s role in the vax-hack scandal that has breached the private health records of at least one Albertan. After the RCMP raided Dang’s private residence in December, Notley said she had no prior knowledge of Dang’s hacking activities. But on Tuesday, after an NDP email was revealed, Notley admitted she knew Dang “found a flaw” in the system in September.

“If Notley knew anything about Dang hacking Alberta’s vaccine records system and wasn’t completely forthcoming with law enforcement, she must resign, full stop,” Rutherford said. “We need to know what Notley knew and when she knew it. Accessing the private health records of Albertans is completely unacceptable, never mind potentially using those records for political gain. Notley must come clean.”

Rutherford raised questions about the hacking scandal and highlighted Dang’s obsession with the vaccination status of government MLAs in February. You can read that release here.

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