(EDMONTON,AB): Today, Leduc-Beaumont MLA Brad Rutherford called on NDP Leader Rachel Notley to demand Edmonton-South MLA Thomas Dang’s resignation from the Select Special Information and Privacy Commissioner Search Committee and to come clean on everything she knows about Dang’s involvement in a reported privacy breach.

Rutherford, a former police officer, also sent a letter to Alberta’s Ethics Commissioner about Dang’s role on the committee. You can view that letter here.

In December, the Alberta RCMP Cybercrime Investigative Team executed a search warrant on Dang’s private home and is now investigating the potential “unlawful access of private information related to the vaccination records portal.” Rutherford’s letter questions Dang’s role on the committee, citing the fact Dang’s activities could potentially represent a conflict of interest. Rutherford also says there are serious concerns that Notley and the NDP may know more about the Dang incident than they have revealed to the public, and that the NDP leader must come clean.

“Albertans need to know what exactly Notley knew and when she knew it about Dang’s activities, and whether he shared information that could have politically benefited her or the NDP,” Rutherford said. “A serious criminal investigation into Dang is underway, and as the leader of the NDP, Notley must come clean on whether she or anyone in her caucus was involved. If the NDP used any illegally obtained information to attack United Conservative MLAs, it goes without saying that Notley should resign.”

Dang was fixated on the vaccination status of United Conservative MLAs for months leading up to the reported breach.

Dang is also on the record boasting about his “ethical hacking” skills

You can find a backgrounder on Dang’s MLA vaccine obsession here.

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