NEWS RELEASE: Important questions continue to go unanswered following Dang’s third court appearance, Notley still silent

(EDMONTON, AB): Today, former NDP MLA Thomas Dang appeared in court for the third time in two months on charges he illegally hacked Alberta’s vaccine records portal. While Dang was granted yet another adjournment, several important questions remain about his illegal hacking activities, which were known to officials in NDP Leader Rachel Notley’s office.

“While Dang drags his feet in court, serious questions remain about the role Notley and her senior staff played in this illegal hacking scandal,” former police officer and Chief Government Whip Brad Rutherford said today. “Notley must come clean with Albertans, who want and deserve answers.”

In July, unsealed court records showed Notley’s office misled Albertans when they denied knowing Dang conducted a shocking 1.78 million illegal health record searches in September of 2021. Following the release of the records, the United Conservative caucus released a list of five critical questions that must be answered by Notley. You can find these questions below.

  1. How is it possible you didn’t know about Dang’s illegal hack in September when court records show your chief of staff and communications director did?
  1. Why did your office tell the government an anonymous prankster had committed the illegal hack when they knew it was Dang – and why did they maintain this lie after the RCMP raided Dang’s home in December?
  1. What should happen to your staff who knowingly lied to Albertans?
  1. Why did you make Dang your democracy and ethics critic in October of 2021, one month after your office knew he had committed this illegal hack – and why was your chief of staff celebrating this appointment online when he knew what Dang had done?
  1. Have you ever used information illegally obtained by Dang for political purposes, prior to the illegal hack in September?

You can find a timeline of events here and the court documents here.

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