NEWS RELEASE: Albertans can’t afford another Rachel Notley economic fiasco

Rachel Notley nearly drove Alberta’s economy into a ditch when she was in government and would do it again if given the chance, Calgary-Shaw MLA Rebecca Schulz said today.

From implementing a royalty review on Alberta’s energy industry, to attacking family farms and ranches, to increasing taxes and fees on Albertans a whopping 97 times, including raising the corporate tax rate and imposing a $3 billion job-killing carbon tax on families and businesses in the middle of an economic downturn – Notley’s economic record of destroying jobs and prosperity is clear and cannot be ignored.

During Notley’s reckless economic agenda, more than 180,000 Albertans lost their jobs, average take-home pay dropped by $6,400, and investment fled our province by the billions. Worst of all, however, people lost faith in Alberta and the province experienced 13 consecutive quarters of inter-provincial negative net migration.

“In government, Rachel Notley’s reckless economic agenda drove Alberta’s economy in the wrong direction and she would do it again if given the chance,” Schulz said today. “Rachel Notley now wants to tout her economic ideas to business groups when she has a clear record of failing on the economy and selling Albertans out to her friend and ally Justin Trudeau, NDP special interests, and environmental radicals. Alberta’s economy is strong again, specifically because we’ve undone Rachel Notley’s economic agenda and have created a business-friendly environment that has attracted investment and created jobs for Albertans.”

Because of the United Conservative government’s economic plan, Alberta’s economy has restored all the jobs lost during the pandemic, has gained over 100,000 new jobs since last year, and is leading the nation in job growth. For the third year in a row, Alberta is on pace to shatter its investment capital record with $509 million invested in three quarters and a record-breaking 14.1 per cent of all the venture capital deals in Canada. And Alberta’s economy is attracting new investment, diversifying the economy with a number of landmark deals across various economic sectors, including with Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Walmart, HBO, Northern Petrochemical Inc., Dow, Air Products, De Havilland, RBC, WestJet, Lynx, Flair Airlines, Infosys, Mphasis, McKesson Canada, and more.

“Rachel Notley nearly killed the can-do spirit that defines our province, but Alberta is back. We are growing the Alberta Advantage, leading the nation in job growth with a rapidly diversifying economy, balancing the budget, and attracting families and businesses from across Canada,” Schulz said. “We cannot afford to put this at risk. Rachel Notley nearly drove our economy into the ditch, but United Conservatives have cleaned-up her mess, and have been a steady hand at the wheel for Alberta’s economy.”

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