(EDMONTON, AB): The Select Special Committee to Examine Safe Supply will continue its important work and will hear from all stakeholders, including those proposed by the NDP, despite the NDP’s lack of participation.

The NDP announced today that they will not be participating in the bipartisan committee, despite the committee agreeing to hear from all of its proposed stakeholders. Committee members chalked the move up to another political stunt from the NDP and will press forward with the committee’s work.

“United Conservative MLAs are looking forward to hearing from all experts, including the ones put forward by the NDP,” Calgary-Klein MLA and committee chair Jeremy Nixon said today. “The committee will move forward with inviting the approved stakeholders.”

On June 11, 2021, the NDP began advocating for a “safe supply” of drugs after adopting it as party policy. As was reported in the Edmonton Journal, “Safe, legal, and regulated pharmaceutical alternatives to street drugs are part of a plan proposed by Alberta’s Opposition NDP to address the province’s current overdose crisis.”

“Our United Conservative caucus believes this is an important issue for Albertans, which is why we moved forward with a bi-partisan committee to thoroughly examine the issue,” Calgary-Cross MLA and committee spokesperson Mickey Amery said. “The NDP have clearly shown they are not interested in taking an impartial look at potential benefits and consequences of their own party’s policy. United Conservatives remain steadfast in our commitment to thoroughly examining this issue and hearing from a range of experts.” The Select Special Committee to Examine Safe Supply will continue to thoroughly examine this issue. The next meeting will be held the week of Feb. 15.

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