MLA Report: Shop Local

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Last week, we entered Phase 1 of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy. This announcement was welcome by companies from across the province, especially small and local businesses, who have been hardest hit by Alberta’s economic decline. 

Our strategy puts safety first while gradually reopening businesses, resuming activities and getting people back to work. With strict safety guidelines in place, Albertans can and should confidently support Alberta businesses as we relaunch the economy. Airdrie is home to many local business owners and their employees. Our city has faced tough economic times before, but nothing like the onset of a global pandemic, recession, and crash of oil prices worldwide. It is important that we rally together to support our economy and Airdrie’s local businesses, if we are able.

Airdronians are hard-working and entrepreneurial, and if we continue to pull together and support local business that that spirit will never relinquish. Local and small businesses play a significant role in supporting Airdrie’s economic development and maintaining the well-being of our community. Mom and pop shops have demonstrated great resilience during the pandemic, but they are suffering. Now, more than ever they need our business, and we need them. It is time for us to show our support for Airdrie’s local business owners. 

In many cases, local entrepreneurs are our family, friends and neighbours. They are, in many ways, the backbone of our community. Companies often support Airdrie teams, schools and community events. They have whole-heartedly given their support to us in the past, and now it is time for us to support them. 

Airdrie businesses are here to serve us, let’s give them the opportunity to do just that. Local enterprises are finding new, innovative and safe ways to serve the community, and they will do whatever they can to accommodate you. There have been a number of local initiatives, such as Shop Local Airdrie on Facebook, or Things That are Open spearheaded by the City of Airdrie.

It has been a tough few months for small and local business in Airdrie. Let’s join together to support them through buying their goods, using their services, and promoting your favourite local spot on social media! 

For more information on Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy and guidance for local businesses and Albertans please visit

Airdrie, stay safe, stay healthy and shop local!

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