Jackie Lovely: April Newsletter

Posted Under: Jackie Lovely

We are very fortunate In Camrose to have a number of not-for-profit organizations who do tremendous work in our community. Among them is the Elks club. It was my opportunity to meet with Gerry Czapp who is the President of the local club. Due to Covid-19, the Elks have not been able to rent out their hall, which they own in Camrose nor have they been able to have any fundraising events. Gerry and I met to discuss options the club can pursue. It was my pleasure to present a new Alberta flag to Gerry as their current flag is getting worn.

I also had the opportunity to meet with Rebecca from Sifton School in Camrose. They too needed a new flag for their school. As the flags are quite expensive and I have a limited budget, flags are only given to not for profit organizations and schools on an as needed basis.

It is an honour for me to have been recently appointed by the Premier to the Public Accounts Caucus and I have attended my first meeting. Accountability for spending public dollars is very important to me and an item many from the Camrose Constituency express as a priority for them as well. I look forward to providing regular updates on the work we accomplish.

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