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Albertans have done what Albertans do best, showing resilience and common purpose during these challenging times. Because of your sacrifice and respect for public health guidelines, our focus is now turned toward relaunch of our struggling economy.  

Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy was developed on the advice of public health officials. The full relaunch strategy allows for gradual, staged reopening of businesses, services and recreational activities.  All in keeping with health guidelines that most of us are now exercising in a responsible manner in our daily lives. Several safeguards remain to protect us; including increased testing capacity, comprehensive contact tracing, support for those who test positive, stronger border controls and airport screening.  The continued use of masks in public spaces is advisable and we must be steadfast in vigilant protection of our most vulnerable.  Physical distancing and increased hygiene protocols will help ensure safety for all.  I am confident that Albertans will continue to work together so we can slowly, but surely, get Albertans back to work.

The rise of summer also signals a renewed focus of light, warmth and enjoyment of our outdoor spaces.  I am sure many of you are anxious to get outdoors and enjoy what summer-living has to offer.  With parks once again open to the public and campgrounds taking reservations I encourage you to be outside, but do so while exercising good judgement and continuing to abide by current health guidelines.  Alberta Parks crown jewel, Fish Creek Provincial Park, is and enjoyed by many area residents and visitors alike.  Please be mindful of paths and other shared spaces as you walk, cycle and enjoy natures glory right in our own backyard.  Take time to explore Calgary; find a unique landscape, support a local coffee shop, pub or restaurant, or just take a walk in your neighbourhood.  Commit to renew your love of Calgary and Alberta.  If you have time, look for ways this summer to support and lift one another volunteering through AlbertaCaresConnector. Light and hope will always triumph over darkness and despair and Albertans commitment to one another runs deep. It is indeed time to be grateful for what we have, and to be compassionate with our neighbours and those in need or our support.   

Please continue to follow the recommendations made by the Government of Alberta and monitor for up to date information. As always, please feel free to reach out to my office at or 403.278.4444 if you have any comments or questions. Thank you and enjoy a great summer! 

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