Getting a Fair Deal for Alberta

Posted Under: Angela Pitt

Thursday, June 17, 2020 Premier Jason Kenney announced the recommendations and conclusions of the Fair Deal Panel’s report. The Fair Deal Panel report recommends 25 ways to ensure Alberta has a stronger voice in Federation, including fairer funding allocations from Ottawa, better representation for Alberta in the House of Commons, and exploration of an Alberta Pension Plan and Alberta Police Force.

Back in January, Airdrie closed out the final session of in-person Fair Deal Panel town halls with over 425 people in attendance. Across the province, more than 40,000 Albertans participated in the Fair Deal Panel meetings and through online consultation. The panel listened to the very real frustrations from Albertans, they expressed unprecedented levels of frustration with the federal government, and the barriers they’re imposing on Alberta’s economy. 

I have heard from many constituents in Airdrie regarding issues with employment and financial burdens that could be alleviated if Alberta was treated fairly within the Canadian federation. The truth is that many Albertans feel unheard by our federal government. Just look at the legislation Trudeau’s Liberals have passed since taking office. Bill C-69, the no more pipelines bill, and Bill C-48, the tanker ban, significantly impacted our province’s ability to get our oil and gas products to market. To be frank, the Prime Minister is completely tone deaf when it comes to issues in the prairies, just look at the gun ban. There was no consultation and law-abiding gun owners in our province were completely blindsided. It’s almost like Trudeau has never even heard of Alberta, which is strange considering how much we contribute to the federation. 

Our government promised Albertans that we would listen to them, and fight for a fair deal. The Government of Alberta has accepted the recommendations from the report, and is proceeding with implementing the Panel’s report. Further, we have already acted to implement a number of measures, including the recent announcement to appoint an Alberta Parole Board and an Alberta Chief Firearms Officer. 

I am thankful to each person who took the time to submit their constructive feedback to the Fair Deal Panel. I have long advocated for a stronger Alberta, and fairness within the Canadian federation and I will continue to do just that. Myself and my colleagues at the legislature are committed to taking control of our economy destiny, protecting our energy sector, and standing up for Albertans. Our government demands a fair deal from Ottawa, and we won’t stop fighting for Albertans until we get one.

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