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Shop Local

Posted Under: Dale Nally

I stopped in at Guardian Drugs in Gibbons to have a chat with Scott.

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Air Canada

Posted Under: Tanya Fir

Yesterday I got a chance to see the exciting new Airbus A220 from Air Canada, along with the strong safety precautions they and Edmonton International Airport are taking to protect their staff and customers so they can fly with confidence!

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Question Period: July 16, 2020

Posted Under: Glenn Van Dijken

Our Government campaigned on a promise to restore balance in the workplace to help create jobs and protect the rights of workers.

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Support for skilled trades professionals

Posted Under: Adriana LaGrange

Increased support for skilled trades professionals is part of our commitment to boost apprenticeship opportunities across the province and ensure we’re building a skilled workforce today to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Supporting Local Business

Posted Under: Laila Goodridge

Local businesses are an integral part of every community, the backbone of our economy, and some of the largest job creators in Alberta.

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Supporting Bill 31

Posted Under: Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk

It was important to me to rise in the House and give my support for Bill 31: the Environmental Protection Statutes Amendment Act, 2020.

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Government Motion 24

Posted Under: Mike Ellis

Racism, discrimination, hatred cannot, will not be tolerated, and we need to do whatever we can as a people to ensure that this does not continue!

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