Taking Action Against Racism

Learn more about how we are taking action against racism and protecting Albertans from hate-motivated crime.


Jason Kenney

MLA Calgary-Lougheed, Leader of the United Conservative Caucus, Premier of Alberta

“Alberta’s government stands shoulder to shoulder with our racial and religious minority communities and is proud to deliver on our election commitment to help keep them safe.”

Kaycee Madu

MLA Edmonton-South West, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

“Hate-motivated crimes and racism are unacceptable – full stop. We’re taking action to help support and empower the communities and groups most affected by this deplorable behaviour.

Josephine Pon

MLA Calgary-Beddington, Minister of Seniors and Housing

“Alberta is made up of people from diverse racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds who have contributed to creating this strong and beautiful province we all call home.”

Muhammad Yaseen

MLA for Calgary-North, Associate Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism

“I will continue to stand up and use my voice in the legislature to condemn racism and hate, and help ensure Alberta is safe and welcoming for people of all cultures, ethnicities and religions.”

Mohamad Awada & China Sochi Ogbonna

Co-chairs, Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council

“The best way to take action against racism is by engaging communities and encouraging everyone to take a stand.”


Alberta Security Infrastructure Program (ASIP)

We are taking action to protect religious and multicultural organizations from targeted, hate-motivated crimes and overt racist attacks by providing grants for security infrastructure and technology improvements. 

Alberta’s government is providing up to $2 million to address a range of protective measures, such as security planning, minor infrastructure/technology improvements to religious and multi-cultural facilities and training and assessments for individuals. Applicants will be eligible for up to $10,000 towards security assessments and training, and another $90,000 for security equipment. 

Bill 63 – banning carding

Alberta’s government is committed to ensuring strong relationships between the police and Albertans, especially minority communities, which is why we have banned the practice of carding outright. Our Alberta government is taking real, concrete action to address the concerns highlighted around policing in Alberta. While the NDP commissioned a report on carding and street checks in 2017, they refused to act. 

Carding is the practice of randomly and arbitrarily requesting personal information from members of the public. It is an inappropriate use of police power and is why Alberta’s government has banned it.


The Community Liaison on Hate Crimes

We are taking action to protect Albertans from hate-motivated crimes and racism. Addressing this complex issue requires a higher level of expertise and collaboration between agencies of government and communities because hate-crimes are uniquely devastating to our communities and public safety. Alberta’s government will introduce the Community Liaison on Hate Crimes which will provide government with a range of perspectives and expertise on how we can tackle hate crimes and racist incidents in our province by engaging groups and forging relationships with those who are most frequently targeted by these crimes, such as ethnic, religious, and sexual minority communities. The liaison will also make recommendations on how the government can develop and implement a co-ordinated and comprehensive strategy on how to prevent these acts, and how best to support victims.

Hate Crimes Coordination Unit

Alberta’s government is taking the scourge of hate-motivated crime seriously, and will deploy the resources necessary to protect all Albertans from these types of crimes and incidents. In response to the increasing number of high-profile incidents of hate crimes and racism.

Our government will work with law enforcement to set up a new Hate Crimes Coordination Unit to improve and co-ordinate hate crime prevention and mitigation strategies throughout the province, facilitate training, inter-agency intelligence gathering, and improve investigative and prosecutorial outcomes for those charged with these crimes.

Our United Conservative Caucus listened, and Alberta’s government has taken real, meaningful action, unlike the NDP who are only committed to virtue signaling on issues related to Alberta’s minority communities. Through the Hate Crime Liaison, the Hate Crime Unit, and, now, the Alberta Security Infrastructure Program, along with a ban on carding, we are taking comprehensive action to protect Albertans from the menace of hate-motivated crime.

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