UCP calls on Notley to break rank with Singh and call for an immediate end to the B.C. port strike

(EDMONTON, AB): With the economically devastating B.C. port strike entering its sixth day, UCP Chief Government Whip Shane Getson is calling on Rachel Notley to break rank with her federal boss, Jagmeet Singh, and join the UCP in calling for an immediate end to the strike that is threatening Alberta industries and jobs.

According to reports, the strike, which has shut down 30 ports across B.C., could cause severe economic damage across Canada and to several major industries, including retail, manufacturing, and agriculture. The strike has prompted calls from several provinces for Ottawa to pass back-to-work legislation – like it did following a similar strike in 2021but Singh said he would block any such efforts. Getson said the time is now for Notley to prove she’s not in Singh’s pocket and, for once, rise to the occasion for Albertans.

“This is a very dangerous economic situation for several provinces, including Alberta, and Notley is talking out of both sides of her mouth, so as not to offend her boss in Ottawa,” Getson said. “Right now, all MLAs, including Notley, should be speaking up for Alberta industries and jobs. This should not be a partisan issue. As an influential member of Singh’s party, Notley could help bring resolution to this ordeal. We need these workers to get back on the job and to get things moving again. Is Notley going to help, or is she going to sit on the sidelines like she always does when it comes time to stand up for Alberta?”

Getson pointed out that the Alberta NDP and the federal NDP are constitutionally linked, and that Notley’s policies and ideas are not allowed to conflict with those of her federal party.

“It’s disappointing but not surprising that Notley won’t stand up for Alberta industries and jobs. She has never supported economic corridors or the concept of a strong west. We know the provincial NDP and the federal NDP are one and the same but standing up for Alberta should come before anything else for MLAs who have been given privilege to serve,” Getson said. “It’s time for Notley to speak up and help end this strike, even if that means Ottawa passing back-to-work legislation. If she doesn’t, her legacy will forever be one of disappointing Albertans.”

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