Notley NDP show true colours on carbon tax vote

The Notley NDP showed their true colours Tuesday, voting against the legislature’s first opportunity to condemn Justin Trudeau’s mistreatment of Alberta and his consumer carbon tax that is making life harder and more expensive for families, Chief Government Whip Shane Getson said today.

Ultimately, Motion 8 passed the legislature with the support of 46 United Conservative MLAs and one independent MLA. 26 NDP MLAs, in total, voted against the motion, while NDP Leader Rachel Notley abstained from voting altogether. Getson said the NDP’s actions in the legislature Tuesday serve as a proof point for why they lost the election and why Albertans still don’t trust them.

“The NDP has zero credibility when it comes to carbon taxes. They are the ones who introduced a carbon tax to Alberta in the first place with zero consultation, taking all Albertans for granted. They then defended Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, and now they’re shielding the Trudeau Liberals from criticism, even thought we know the federal consumer carbon tax is inflationary and making life harder for all Albertans and Canadians,” Getson said. “Notley and the NDP want to pick and choose when they care about the devastating impacts of the carbon tax, but the truth is that this was never about the environment. It’s about punishing folks that don’t vote the way the NDP and Liberals want. United Conservatives, on the other hand, stand with hardworking Alberta families every single day, regardless of who they vote for. We do the right thing for everyone we can, because that is what Albertans expect and deserve.”

Before the NDP voted against Motion 8, Notley tried introducing her own motion, which criticized the Trudeau Liberals for exempting Atlantic Canadians from federal carbon pricing on home-heating oil but stopped short of condemning the carbon tax. Getson said United Conservative Calgary-Shaw MLA and Minister of Environment and Protected Areas Rebecca Schulz made quick work of Notley’s motion, surgically pointing out Notley’s gross hypocrisy on the issue of carbon taxes.

You can watch Minister Schulz’s speech here.

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