NEWS RELEASE: United Conservatives delivering where Notley NDP failed on rural broadband

With the Rural Municipalities of Alberta convention underway, the United Conservative caucus is highlighting that when the Notley NDP was in government, they invested nothing whatsoever into rural broadband. In stark contrast, Alberta’s United Conservative government has made a commitment to invest a historic $150 million into rural broadband that will likely unlock further funding from additional sources.

“The Notley NDP completely ignored rural Alberta for four years on a number of important files, including rural broadband. They invested zip, nada, nothing into improving rural Alberta’s broadband connectivity,” Camrose MLA Jackie Lovely said. “Our United Conservative government is delivering for rural Alberta, committing to an investment of $150 million to improve broadband connectivity in rural, remote and Indigenous communities, and we’re confident this investment will unlock more funding going forward.”

Alberta’s United Conservative government made the announcement this past summer in Camrose, at an event that included the Rural Municipalities of Alberta, and local and Indigenous leaders.

“We are delivering where the Notley NDP failed, and we aren’t looking back. We are bridging the digital divide between rural and urban Albertans,” Lovely said. “The Notley NDP will say anything for votes, but ultimately, they’ve never been there for rural Alberta and they never will be.”

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