Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Drayton Valley-Devon


Mark was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan before later pursuing his education in Edmonton, first attending Concordia University. He then completed his After Degree in Education from the University of Alberta, becoming a high school teacher in Drayton Valley shortly after. Mark saw that Drayton Valley was a booming oil town with the natural gas sector greatly benefitting the local community. Mark ultimately went on to teach social studies while making a family with his wife, Lisa. Basketball is a sport Mark is especially passionate about, often having coached his local basketball team. He enjoys the rural lifestyle having the privilege of living in such a neighbourly community for most of his life.

Having grown up in a conservative family and being the son of a successful small business owner, Mark had a keen interest in politics and in the future of Albertans from an early age. He was able to work alongside Cliff Breitkreuz (former MP, Yellowhead) and Preston Manning on their campaigns and local boards. This aided to Mark’s focus on the importance of looking out for the local community with neighbours helping out fellow neighbours.

It was when Mark was working with Preston Manning and the Reform Party where he became even more passionate about his work. By speaking with voters he saw the importance in how engaged citizens using the principles of democracy- being freedom of speech and association, can significantly influence the decision-making process, ultimately making our society a better place to live.

Mark is proud to have been a schoolteacher for over three decades. As a teacher as well as a volunteer board member for Calvary Baptist Church in Drayton Valley, leading youth into being engaged and productive members of society continues to be one of his most rewarding accomplishments. It is because of his background in and passion for education that he has continually been an advocate for school choice, parental authority and a balanced and fair curriculum which reflects the full range of what it means to be Albertan.

Since being elected in 2015 and later re-elected in 2019, he has considered it an honour to serve as the MLA for Drayton Valley-Devon. Standing up for conservative values and fiscal responsibility through grassroots is something which Mark continues to support, illustrating how individuals can truly make a difference in our democracy.

Mark Smith currently serves as the Chair of the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices. He is also currently active on the Standing Committee on Families and Communities, the Economy and Affordability Cabinet Policy Committee, as well as the Select Special Ombudsman and Public Interest Commissioner Search Committee. Mr. Smith previously served as Chair on the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing as well as having previously served on the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship among others.