Lunty introduces Bill 204 to protect and defend Albertans’ interests

Posted Under: Brandon Lunty

(EDMONTON, AB): Leduc-Beaumont MLA Brandon Lunty has introduced private members’ Bill 204, the Municipal Government (National Urban Parks) Amendment Act, to protect and defend Albertans’ interests when it comes to the creation and development of National Urban Parks in their communities.

Current circumstances allow the federal government to bypass the province and work directly with municipalities on National Urban Parks. Lunty’s proposed amendments to the Municipal Government Act would ensure the province plays a critical role in the creation and development of any potential National Urban Parks within Alberta’s borders.

“Albertans elected our United Conservative government with a majority mandate to, among other things, protect families and communities from federal overreach and intrusion. That’s exactly what this bill accomplishes,” Lunty said. “What happens to Albertans’ greenspaces is of paramount importance to the people of our province. While National Urban Parks may have some benefits, it’s critical for the province to have more oversight when it comes to their creation and development. If passed, Bill 204 would ensure Albertans’ voices are heard loud and clear in those conversations.”

Bill 204 is in-line with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs’ mandate of, “protecting the province’s constitutional right to oversee the governance of Alberta’s municipalities without federal interference.”

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