July 7th – Weekly Update

As our economy reopens, our government is putting the interest of Albertans first and proposing new legislation that restores balance and confidence in businesses across the province. New rules to reduce red tape and barriers to job creation build on the estimated 50,000 jobs that will be created through immediate investments in projects across Alberta.

Our government is introducing new measures that support economic recovery, restore workplace balance and get Albertans back to work. Bill 32, or the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act, proposes changes to reduce red tape for job creators and keep Albertans employed, and support worker choice. If passed, this bill could save job creators up to $100 million each year by making daily operations more streamlined. Other measures in the bill would prevent union leaders from using union dues to fund political causes unless the member has opted in. As we begin the long road to economic recovery in our province, it is essential to reduce the costs of doing business and keep our province working.

As our province begins to recover from many recent shocks, government has also introduced legislation to create jobs and drive high-impact investment to our province. If passed, the Alberta Investment Attraction Act will create the Invest Alberta Corporation. This is an arms-length agency that will help promote Alberta as a prime investment location for businesses across Canada and around the world to invest and create jobs. The Invest Alberta Corporation would promote confidence in investors and promote the opportunity of our province to businesses around the world. With initiatives like the Job Creation Tax Cut and the Alberta Investment Attraction Act, government is sending the message that Alberta is the best place to do business.

As we continue to work on reopening and recovering from this pandemic, it is critical that we continue to take steps that protect ourselves and others from spreading COVID-19. For the latest information and resources on COVID-19, please visit alberta.ca/covid19.

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