(EDMONTON, AB): Today, Calgary-South East MLA Matt Jones released the following statement, after the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) suggested it is exploring whether to take legal action over the government’s plan to lift restrictions – namely the elimination of masking requirements for kids and youth.

You can see the legal threat from ATA Vice President Greg Carabine here.

“As a father with school-aged children and as an elected official, I have continuously advocated for normalcy for our children and youth, including the removal of disruptive masking requirements.

“It is beyond disturbing that the ATA would suggest this kind of legal action in response to the government’s prudent plan to lift masking requirements for Alberta kids.

“These are children, not vectors of transmission, and they have disproportionately sacrificed despite being at extremely low risk.

“Moving forward, we must do all we can to support their overall well-being. This does not include legal fights from the ATA over whether to keep them masked.

“Further, almost all Alberta teachers are vaccinated. To deny their safety is to deny the efficacy of vaccines at reducing severe outcomes. This is irresponsible language from the ATA.

“I am calling on the ATA to rescind this legal threat, to stop contributing to the unwarranted environment of fear, and to focus on the education and well-being of our children.”

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