Jeremy Nixon

Jeremy Nixon



In the no-frills world of non-profit organizations, Jeremy has a track record of decreasing and controlling costs while improving outcomes.

His knowledge of Alberta’s most vulnerable is personal: he has heard their stories and seen their heartbreak. His concern about how the economy affects the quality of life for all Alberta families propelled him into the political arena. Jeremy had made a 15-year career in non-profit leadership and management, dealing with some of Alberta’s biggest societal challenges. He worked with organizations like The Mustard Seed, Canadian Mental Health and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary. He developed and led teams of up to 10,000 volunteers. He spoke at hundreds of events on homelessness and poverty. He developed innovative, life-changing programs.

Jeremy has also seen the challenges communities face when decision-makers are disconnected from the people and limited resources are poorly managed. Public funds needlessly spent to grow bureaucracy and pay interest on the growing debt is money unavailable for the programs Albertans’ value. Whether it is health care, support like AISH for the disabled, Child and Family Services, or even wildfire management, people’s lives and livelihood are on the line.

Jeremy feels his experience pulling together diverse groups and mobilizing communities is needed in politics. Three years ago, he took on the role of Executive Director of the Wildrose Party. His non-profit experience was immediately apparent. Jeremy took a hard look at party expenses and ran the largest surplus in seven years. His belief in cooperation and teamwork was key in leading two parties towards unification. Jeremy then became Executive Director of the new United Conservative Party and helped transition the two entities into one team.

Recently Jeremy stepped down from his role in the party to seek the UCP nomination for Calgary-Klein. He believes the biggest threat to the Albertan way of life is bloating government cost while our economy continues to struggle.

Jeremy is not afraid of hard work. As part of his commitment to hear what Calgarians have to say, he has already knocked on 60,000 doors. He is always willing to listen, and not afraid to take action. Jeremy has a degree in Communications and Culture from the University of Calgary. He is married to Anita and they have four children. He knows full well both the rewards and challenges of making ends meet and raising a family in Calgary.


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