Jason Copping: Lest we Forget

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This month we take the time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country. We remember what they and their families gave up so that we can have the freedoms we enjoy today.

I appreciate that the last few years in dealing with COVID has meant the freedoms we all enjoy were put to the test. It meant making sacrifices so that we could stop the spread and keep each other safe. We have all had to adapt and live very differently. Restrictions and mandates have never been about taking away one’s freedoms, but rather to protect our vulnerable populations and our overall health care system.

As the Minister of Health, I want you to know that the Alberta government and I continue to be committed to making the best policy decisions that will protect Albertan’s lives and to ensure that our health care workers have what they need to protect those Albertans who need health care.

We need to be aware of the effects of isolation on our veterans and senior population. Not being able to see family or friends and learning new ways to stay in touch virtually has been challenging. The strength and courage they endure shows us all that we can all make sacrifices and come out stronger on the other side.

On November 11th I ask that we not only remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our way of life, but we must remember those who are still with us today who served during times of war and on peace missions.

As always, if you have questions or concerns feel free to reach me through email at Calgary.varsity@assembly.ab.ca or call 403-216-5436.

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