Grant Hunter

Grant Hunter



Minister Hunter was first elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on May 5, 2015 as the MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner. He was re-elected on April 16, 2019 as the MLA for the newly created riding of Taber-Warner.

A dedicated husband, father of 5, and a grandfather of 2, Hunter has owned and operated his own commercial/residential construction company for over 2 decades. Earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree (Economics and Political Science) and a Master’s of Business Administration degree, he has extensive knowledge of the challenges that businesses in Alberta face.

Over the past 4 years Hunter has served on the Public Accounts Committee, Alberta Economic Futures, and as the Deputy Whip for the Official Opposition Caucus.

Grant Hunter was appointed as the Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction on April 30, 2019. Relying on his own experience as an entrepreneur, Hunter will target unnecessary and burdensome over-regulation that is currently weighing job-creators down, while empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to invest in Alberta and create jobs in this province.


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