Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction

Posted Under: Mark Smith

Alberta’s Government announced $10 million into three projects through the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) system as part of nearly half a billion dollars in Environment and Parks capital funding for 2020/21.

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Strengthening Public Safety

Posted Under: Peter Singh

Bill 16, the Victims of Crime (Strengthening Public Safety) amendment Act 2020 will expand the Victims of Crime Fund to include public safety initiatives as part of deterring crime and preventing victimization.

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CEGEN Environmental Group

Posted Under: RJ Sigurdson

Of all the events I go to as an MLA, there are few that have the energy and excitement of the opening of a new business.

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An Excellent Piece by David Staples

Posted Under: Rebecca Schulz

An excellent piece by David Staples. As I’ve said in so many discussions these last couple months- whatever you’re feeling is ok.

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Canada’s Hundred Days

Posted Under: Brad Rutherford

Today, we commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the beginning of Canada’s Hundred Days.

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Weekly Update

As families in our community prepare for back-to-school, additional health measures are being put in place to ensure that students can return safely to the classroom.

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MLA Update August 7, 2020

Posted Under: Jason Copping

Our Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, announced that we are seeing a resurgence in cases, especially in the Calgary zone.

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Curriculum Advisory Panel

Posted Under: Dan Williams

Minister LaGrange and members of the Curriculum Advisory Panel released the new Ministerial Order on Student Learning.

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