Great News for Alberta!

Posted Under: Mark Smith

As part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, municipalities will receive $1.1 billion to build infrastructure and safely restart their local economies.

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Half Year Review

Posted Under: Peter Singh

Over the past several months we have passed 34 pieces of legislation that will create jobs, revitalize our economy, keep Albertans safe and improve quality of life in our province.

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Bill 26: The Constitutional Referendum Amendment Act

Posted Under: Tracy Allard

We heard Albertans loud and clear from our Fair Deal Panel.
That’s why our government passed Bill 26, because we believe in and we trust Albertans. We believe Albertans are more than capable of making important decisions regarding the future of our province.

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Alberta’s Spring (Summer) Legislative Session Ended Today

Posted Under: Garth Rowswell

Our government continued to fight for all Albertans during the COVID pandemic and passed vital legislation that will ensure Alberta remains competitive, while continuing to be the best province in Canada to live, work and do business.

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DRP application

Posted Under: Kaycee Madu

We know families and businesses in northern Alberta are still recovering and rebuilding from flooding.

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It’s Time to Lead

Posted Under: Richard Gotfried

It’s time to lead. During a recent Member’s Statement in the Alberta Legislature

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Bill 30

Posted Under: Jason Kenney

Alberta patients deserve to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to health care delivery.

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